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Shall We Dance? Tandem Kayaks are where it's at right now.

The popularity of kayaks has steadily been on the rise for several years. I have to admit, as a canoe lover first and foremost, I am quite impressed with the versatility, mobility, and adaptivity of the kayak. My oldest son absolutely loves his sit-on-top fishing kayak - the kayak was a his Christmas gift last year. It is lightweight and dependable. He caught his first largemouth bass sitting atop his kayak. I couldn't help but overhear at a distance when he laughed at how the fish was pulling and tugging him and the kayak. You really have a unique connection with the water sitting in a Kayak. You actually feel the water, you can hear the laps of even the smallest ripples as your kayak pushes effortlessly across the water's surface. If you haven't experienced this as of yet, it's a must-do on the bucket-list.

I personally think that Kayaks are the future of personal watercraft, as we move away from the fast and furious and towards serenity and awareness of our surroundings. As a family of four, I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than paddling (or pedaling - more on that later) around in the lakeshore or bayside as family in our kayaks, tandem kayaks, preferably.

Tandem kayaks are two person kayaks, designed for two persons with two seats, they also have extra stability and maneuverability with the added weight of a second person. They also tend to be longer than standard (single person) kayaks to accommodate the second person and their gear.

I am fascinated by the Tandem Kayaks that are available today on the market today. I am truly excited to bring your this list of the Best Tandem Kayaks.

These next two lists will be sorted each in their own way - the first will be the Top Tandem Kayaks under $1500 (we have a low-cost-high-value article here and we have another no-limits article here, to satisfy those curiosities). The second list will be sorted by popularity, without regard to type (rigid, inflatable, etc.). We we delve into the specifics of all of the different types of Kayaks in other posts.


Top Tandem Kayaks under $1500

For the next list we are upping the anti, so to speak, and may find some subtle amenities that may make it worth a little extra splurge.

WORKING - researching as of 9-19-2020


Most Popular Tandem Kayaks

WORKING - researching as of 9-19-2020

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